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[THIRD Edition]
Boston Globe (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Boston, Mass.
Author: Ryan, Randolph
Date: Aug 27, 1985
Start Page: 15
Section: OP-ED PAGE
Abstract (Document Summary)

It is clear that this little country is no threat. In the necessities for offensive operations, Nicaragua is heavily outgunned by its US-backed neighbors in Central America. Far from sending arms to rebels in El Salvador, the Sandinistas don't even cheer for them anymore, not audibly.

There is a temptation to write this stubbornness off as an obsession, but it has a rationale. Nicaragua is being punished, and its peace offers rejected, not for what it does but for what it is. No longer a subversive "virus," Nicaragua has become a target of opportunity, a chance to get even for Vietnam.

Before the Sandinistas knew what they had done, Nicaragua had become a laboratory mouse ready for vivisection. The guideline in Washington is "No Cubas and no Vietnams." As one official told the Times, "Those parameters are like a chute, and you play for breaks as you go through. If the Sandinistas collapse, so be it."

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