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Boston Globe (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Boston, Mass.
Author: Christy, Marian
Date: Oct 9, 1983
Start Page: 1
Section: LIVING
Abstract (Document Summary)

[CAROLINA HERRERA], a Best Dressed List socialite from Caracas, is rich both by inheritance and marriage. And she is getting richer on her own. Her first fashion collection, begun in 1981 when she was well into her 40s, is a great success despite the fact that she had no formal fashion training and that her clothes are priced from $800 to $5000.

Daughter of former Caracas Gov. Guilermo Pacanins, Herrera was married at 18 to a man whose name she won't divulge. Her second husband, Reinaldo Herrera, is a wealthy landowner and real estate tycoon. They move between a 65-room palace in Caracas and a New York townhouse. The Herreras are frequent house guests at Buckingham Palace and at private dinners at the Reagan White House. They have four children (ages 24, 20, 13 and 9) and are grandparents.

"Women have perfect intuition. I always listen to my inner voice, my instinct. When I hear myself say, Be careful,' I am careful. Intuition is a strong feminine quality. I have applied that instinct to my career. I didn't go to a fashion design school. But I know what to do about proportion, about color, about shape. Everyone has instinct. But too often people rely on logic. Sometimes logic doesn't work. You have to depend on your feelings."

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