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[THIRD Edition]
Boston Globe (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Boston, Mass.
Author: Morse, Steve
Date: Jun 3, 1985
Start Page: 21
Abstract (Document Summary)

It was hardly serious rock 'n' roll - more like music to dig a sandbox by - but it was hard to dislike because of [MADONNA]'s improbably wholesome charm. And no, she doesn't appreciate people thinking she's just a "Material Girl," as her song says, for she promptly told the crowd she wasn't and accented her point by throwing play money into the front rows and sarcastically strutting around with a white sable fur around her neck, like Lucille Ball busting into a society party.

The out-of-place foursome, the Beastie Boys, opened with some phony, rude- boy rap music, but Madonna quickly stole their thunder with her lively, disco-beating dance treks. Early on, she stomped about in a resplendently embroidered jacket that made some of Elvis Presley's crazed Nudie suits look tame. Then it was on to a punked- out black look (still with her belly button showing, as it was for a number of the Madonna lookalikes in the crowd), before moving into the climactic wedding dress with a 10-foot veil carried by her two ubiquitous dancers.

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