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[FIFTH Edition]
Boston Globe (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Boston, Mass.
Author: Associated Press
Date: May 21, 1982
Start Page: 1
Abstract (Document Summary)

Planes - The task force has about 30 vertical take-off Harrier fighters and fighter-bombers and another 20 are on the way, according to military sources. Ten long-range Vulcan bombers and about a dozen Nimrod long-range maritime patrol and anti-submarine planes on Ascension Island, 3500 miles northeast of the Falklands. An estimated 40 Sea King, Wessex and Chinook helicopters.ARGENTINA

Planes - An estimated 80 air force and navy A4 Skyhawk fighter- bombers, 17 French-built Mirage interceptors, 25 Israeli-built Dagger ground attack fighters, about 30 A58 counter-insurgency Pucaras, 10 Neptune maritime patrol bombers, 10 Canberra tactical bombers, six antisubmarine S2A Trackers. An unknown number of Puma, Chinook and A109A Augusta helicopters.

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