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Boston Globe (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Boston, Mass.
Author: Ron Rosenberg Globe Staff
Date: Dec 11, 1982
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Section: ECONOMY
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Atari's commanding 75 percent share of the cartridge business last year has dwindled to less than 40 percent because of competition from Parker, Coleco and such new firms as Activision and Imagic, both in California.

Parker expects to report a whopping $75 million in sales from just four cartridges by the end of the year. Two games, Frogger and the Empire Strikes Back, have combined sales in excess of 3 million units. "Frogger alone has been our most successful first year product ever both in sales and dollar units, beating out Merlin," said Richard Stearns, vice-president Parkers' consumer electronics division. Merlin is the company's premier hand-held electronic game.

At Coleco, [Arnold C. Greenberg] said the company sales of video games for Atari and Mattel players as well as the company's new ColecoVision player will pump up overall revenues this year to $500 million, from last year's $178 million.

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