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[FIRST Edition]
Boston Globe (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Boston, Mass.
Author: Robert A. McLean Globe Staff
Date: Sep 21, 1981
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Abstract (Document Summary)

Otherwise he's perfect in the "guest adult" role in a delightful musical- comedic adaptation of Delia Ephron's best-seller about the mores and folkways of our young "adults-in-training." If it's true, as they claim, that inside each of us grown-ups there is a young person struggling to emerge, the [Dick Van Dyke] kid has been peeking out and making funny faces periodically for decades.

The [Judith Kahan] touch has transformed a book written from the adult perspective into a TV special which looks at some of the ponderous issues of growing upfrom the kids' point of view. Van Dyke, as the only adult, seeks admission to the kids' world and guides us on a very wry, dry trip.

One interesting aspect is the numerous references to brand-name products by name -- St Joseph's Aspirin, Kool-Aid, Mars Bar - in the lyrics. The musical score, by composer-lyricist John Forster, includes 12 songs to go with the skitchs and sketches. In one, "The Kid Inside," Van Dyke states the case for grownups, making the point that kids aren't the only ones who suffer from that "someone broke it" feeling when their prized possessions are damaged and destroyed.

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