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Boston Globe (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Boston, Mass.
Author: Jeff McLaughlin Globe Staff
Date: Apr 8, 1983
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Clay modeling, for example, as developed by Will Vinton in his patented Claymation process, is not included. It is a significant omission. Nor are there any strong nonrepresentational or computer- generated explorations of the relationships among space, time, color and music that have been important elements in animation in recent years. And the size of the television screen diminishes the power of some animation to create an alternative universe. That fact was not taken into account in selecting Maureen Selwood's fantastic, polymorphic "Odalisque," for example.

Ferenc Rofusz's "The Bug" is a highlight, a rendering of the world as seen by a flying insect. The drawing is characterized by sepia tones and informal linework, while Selwood's "Odalisque" brings to mind the panels and paintings of Saul Steinberg and James Thurber.

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