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[FIRST Edition]
Boston Globe (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Boston, Mass.
Author: Margaret Manning Globe Staff
Date: Sep 5, 1982
Start Page: 1
Section: BOOKS
Abstract (Document Summary)

Next, Nemesis. She carries a lyre (homophone for liar) with which she zaps Dr. Delfie and Nurse Cody. Delfie is an anagram of defile, which cannot have escaped Mr. [JOHN FOWLES]' attention. I don't want to think about Nurse Cody. I don't care enough.

Back to this idiotic story: Nemesis is [Miles]' poetic Muse (ah! now memory returns) and her name is Erato as all crossword puzzle solvers know. It anagrams as orate, and does she ever! She also talks dirty, and for a time ungrammatically, another Fowles joke. Then she turns into a Greek goddess who has been the Muse even to Sappho, to whom is given the back of Erato's hand. But Miles loves her, depends upon her, even though her lyre has been out of tune for 4000 years. She drops the bad grammar and goes on into a fandango about her pubescence when she was tupped by a shepherd, or a faun, or a something, and accuses Miles (smile, or distance?) of having only imagined her and their dialogue. He must woo this Muse. He tries, poor unfortunate chap. She insists upon becoming a character in a novel he has written but he tells her she is 300 years passe, has never even heard of Todorov, or "in simple layman's language, the whole delicate symbolism of the amnesia derived from the ambiguous nature, in both its hypostatic and epiphanic facies of the diegetic processus." Whomp.

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