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[FIRST Edition]
Boston Globe (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Boston, Mass.
Author: Craig, Jack
Date: May 4, 1980
Start Page: 1
Section: SPORTS
Abstract (Document Summary)

Dick Graf, Ch. 7 news director, could not recall a similar case either during his off-and-on two years in Boston. But he is not so wary. "I admire their (Ch. 4) hustle. They didn't pay for services. But in bringing [Rosie Ruiz] (Ruiz) here to some extent they were only embarrassing her by having her cry again on camera."

There was much less patience with Ch. 4's tactics involving [Jacqueline Gareau] from Serge Arsenault, a Montreal broadcaster and friend of the runner who thinks she was finessed by the Hub station. "Jackie told me that Ch. 4 told her she probably would get a medal or be declared the winner if she came down," Arsenault says. "She speaks very little English so she did not clearly understand. When she arrived there she was lost. Then Ch. 4 persuaded her to stay overnight, telling her she might be declared the winner the next day (April 25)." Gareau could not be reached to speak for herself.

There was some Keystone Kops humor in the midst of this. At one stage a Ch. 7 news truck stationed at Ch. 4 to try to interview Gareau chased after Ch. 4's Andy Hiller when he departed, suspecting he was en route to an interview rendezvous with the runner. At this level of silliness, [Jeff Rosser] said he decided to call both Ch. 5 and Ch. 7 and assure them that Gareau indeed was at Ch. 4 and would be available shortly for a group interview.

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