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An upbeat Capuano eyeing the future
[City Edition]
Boston Globe (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Boston, Mass.
Author: Kenney, Michael
Date: Aug 7, 1994
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Abstract (Document Summary)

[Mike Capuano] offers some politically-reasonable explanations for his convention defeat, but more interesting for the future is his response to a question of why, as a mayor, he tried for the secretary of state nomination in the first place. "Because I wasn't ready to run for governor," Capuano replied without any hesitation.

As an early player on the conservative Democratic Leadership Council wing of the party -- and a self-described "in-your-face kind of guy" -- Capuano knows that he is out of step with the liberal-leaning leadership of the state party. Capuano sees his strength lying in the state's working-class vote -- more interested in creating jobs than "saving the whales in Nicaragua."

Capuano has practical experience working with one liberal-appealing issue: immigration. Somerville has a large immigrant population -- Haitians, Tibetans, among others -- and Capuano has sponsored citizenship workshops for them.

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