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Fire on Fire to kick off music offered at the Shag in Eastport
[All Edition]
Bangor Daily News - Bangor, Me.
Author: Burnham, Emily
Date: Jul 20, 2007
Start Page: 6
Section: C
Abstract (Document Summary)

"The reception has been great, from kids and visitors, and some true locals and native Eastporters," said Crash, a writer and conceptual artist. "It's challenging. It's surprising people. And so far, it's been a success. We had 75 people on a Tuesday night for a lecture just this week."

"That idea of sitting in the kitchen with acoustic guitars, just playing, was really the basis for the band," said [Chriss Sutherland]. "It came out of the easiness of hearing each other's music. It's much more light. Lots of singing, no amps or cables or electricity. Just a really wonderful easiness. We all bring our own thing to it and let it develop."

"I had sent him some Cerberus Shoal stuff a long time ago, and he responded positively, so we formed a relationship through that," said Sutherland. "We finished recording our album in our house, and it was pretty much done, so we sent it to him on a whim. He wrote back that he loved it and wants to put it out. He's been ferociously on it ever since."

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