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Hocus Focus Newly formed 'ring' of magicians gathers in Newport to share tricks of the trade
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Bangor Daily News - Bangor, Me.
Author: Burnham, Emily||||||OF THE NEWS STAFF
Date: Jan 17, 2006
Start Page: 1
Section: C
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The magicians practice different kinds of magic. For instance, Brewer-based Danny Baker performs mainly for children. Doc Wilson, aka Paul Szauter, lives in Bar Harbor and works as both a sideshow performer and an escape artist. St.Albans' Wes Booth excels at card tricks and doves and white rabbits.

Szauter, specializes in nontraditional magic - in the bizarre and the strange. When he's in his Doc Wilson persona, the Bar Harbor magician operates Dr. [Mark Wilson]'s Memory Elixir, an old-timey medicine show in which he performs everything from astounding feats of conjuration to daring escape acts to his personal favorite, the "ladder of swords."

To join the International Brotherhood of Magicians, visit Membership costs $55 per person for the first year, $35 for each subsequent year, and includes a subscription to the magazine "The Linking Ring." To join only the Maine chapter dues cost $5. To hire or learn more about a member magician, contact them directly. Danny Baker, 947-5985 and; Wes Booth, 278-3036; [Alan Drew]: 244-0538; [Bob Nixon], 786-2730 and; [Karen Seymour], 892-8877; Paul Szauter, Dr. Wilson's Memory Elixir, 288-0388 and Emily Burnham can be reached at

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