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Plow truck on ballot in Star City Council seeks OK to spend $157,000
[1 Edition]
Bangor Daily News - Bangor, Me.
Author: Rice, Rachel||||||OF THE NEWS STAFF
Date: May 31, 2007
Start Page: 2
Section: B
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. Received a request by the local post of the American Legion to accept the missile displayed at Prestile Park. [Ray Mersereau] said that with an aging membership, the Legion cannot do the work necessary to maintain the missile anymore. The group has requested the town take over its maintenance. In the interim, Mersereau said, officials with the Loring Military Heritage Center have expressed interest in acquiring the missile in order to restore it and display it at the center's building at the Loring Commerce Centre. The council voted to accept the Legion's decision, whether they chose to hand the missile over to the town or to the heritage center.

"The old truck is still serviceable, but it's a 20-year-old truck," Mersereau said. "It's time to retire it."

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