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Weird facts of Maine cataloged
[All Edition]
Bangor Daily News - Bangor, Me.
Author: Wilde, Dana||||||Of the NEWS Staff
Date: Jan 20, 2003
Start Page: 8
Section: C
Abstract (Document Summary)

This exchange is about as close to Maine as you can get in words, and it's as close as C.J. Stevens' book, "The Supernatural Side of Maine," gets to unveiling the actual experience of UFOs, ghosts, Bigfoot, past lives, and the other murky phenomena known as "the supernatural." In this book are collected anecdotes, information and observations about the other side, most of it related to Maine, in no particular order.

So many facts about the creepy and quirky are crammed into this book that one feels it must have been extensively researched; but at the same time, like the subject matter, it's hard to tell where most of it came from. C.J. Stevens, a Maine native, has written books on Erskine Caldwell and D.H. Lawrence, and also on Maine gold mines and buried treasure. "The Supernatural Side of Maine" is, however, not a book so much as a massive collection of notes typeset and perfect- bound.

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