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Graduation '96 Narraguagus High School, Harrington
Bangor Daily News - Bangor, Me.
Date: Jun 3, 1996
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Abstract (Document Summary)

Also named to honor parts were Alahna Roach, daughter of Robert and Ann Roach of [Harrington]; Lindsay Smith, daughter of Pam Whittier and Paul Smith of Harrington; Emily Jordan, daughter of Lloyd and Betty Jordan of Addison; Bonnie DeCarteret, daughter of Richard and Sheila DeCarteret of Beddington; Stephanie Grant, daughter of Ruth Brooks of Cherryfield and Stephen Grant of Lee; Katie Aselton, daughter of Carl and Ora Aselton of Milbridge; Joshua Paul, son of Richard and Cheryl Paul of Addison; Mason Axford, son of Theodore and Mary-Claire Axford of Milbridge; Annastasha...

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