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Oxford 250 stays independent
[ALL Edition]
Bangor Daily News - Bangor, Me.
Author: John Holyoke Of the NEWS Staff
Date: Jul 23, 1996
Start Page: PDA
Abstract (Document Summary)

"The people have spoken," [Michael Liberty] said before Sunday's race, referring to the 87 drivers who flocked to the track to attempt to qualify. That total is up from the 71 who entered in 1995.

The key to attracting drivers, according to Liberty, is that drivers appreciate an event at which they can qualify on their own merit - not based upon points of an affiliated tour that some are part of, and some are not.

Fans making travel plans take note: the new date will be Sunday, July 6. The 250 will serve as the cap to a busy July 4th weekend of racing. And as always, Liberty assured the crowd at this year's short track classic, camping will be welcome no charge.

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