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Frequently Asked Questions
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The Customer Service staff of The Baltimore Sun online archive wants to help make your searching as trouble-free as possible. To ensure your continued satisfaction with The Baltimore Sun online archive, we offer the following answers to some of the most commonly asked questions:

What is available in the archive?

The Baltimore Sun 1990 to present archive contains the full text of staff written news, feature stories and editorials published in the Final Edition of the newspaper. Some stories from the other editions (the Howard County edition, the Harford County edition, the Carroll County edition, and the Anne Arundel County edition) are included, but only if they are unique or different in some way from the version of the story in the Final Edition. The Archive includes stories from September 16, 1990 to the present.

The Archive is updated three times a day at 9 am, noon, and 2 am EST to add the stories appearing in the paper that day.

Recent additions to the archive are

  • Death notices since August 26, 2002.
  • Wedding announcements since February 8, 2004.
  • Freelance articles (those not written by Sun staff members) since January 1, 2004.
  • Reprints of historic pages prior to 4/6/2001 - Please go to and click on the box labeled "Historic Page Reprints". Reprints from historic pages are black and white and are produced on high quality photographic paper suitable for framing.

The Baltimore Sun historical archive (1837 - 1988) contains digitized article images. Most classifieds, birth announcements, wedding announcements, photographs, charts, comics and other materials are included.

What is not contained in the archive?

While most of what appears in the paper is available in the Archive, you will not find everything. Stock tables, sports statistics, weather forecasts, and classified ads are not included in the Archives. You will also not find graphical material such as photographs, drawings, charts, comics, or display advertising. And, due to copyright restrictions, syndicated columns can't be included in the Archive unless they are Baltimore Sun syndicated columnists.

Where is the photo/illustration/chart?
Only text is included in the current archives 1990 - present. Photos, charts, illustrations and other graphics are not included. Please see What is not contained in the archives? for more information.

The historical archives (1837 - 1988) do contain many graphics, however, some photographs are blocked due to copyright concerns.

How do I purchase articles online?
Advice for new users: After you do a search, a screen will come up with the results of that search. You may view a summary of the document for free. Once you determine which document you would like to view, click on the icon with the '$'. If you are a new user, you will be taken to a pricing page, where you can choose the plan to purchase. After deciding which plan best fits your needs, you will be taken through the purchase experience. After confirming your purchase, the full text of the document will be displayed.

You may choose to print the document or save it for your personal review later on.

What forms of payment are accepted for purchasing articles?
Accepted forms of payment for purchasing articles:

VISA Master Card American Express Discover/Novus
(Billed by ProQuest Archiver)

What is your refund policy?
Customers may submit an online refund request within two hours of purchase. ProQuest will refund the full purchase price provided the customer provides an explanation of why he/she is dissatisfied with the quality of the content delivered. If more than two hours has passed, customers may contact ProQuest Customer Service by email to request a refund at

Refunds for passes will be pro-rated based upon duration since purchase and usage.

No refunds can be given more than 60 days following the original purchase date.

What is ProQuest Archiver (PQA)?
ProQuest Archiver is an e-commerce platform for publishers to distribute their content on the Web. Visit myPQA to learn more.

How do I order back issues of The Baltimore Sun?


How do I get reprints of an article that appeared in The Baltimore Sun?


Sunstore is your source for licensing and reprints of Baltimore Sun content. Please visit the site at

  • For reprints of a page printed after 4/6/2001, click on the box labeled "Buy Photos and Page Reprints." Select "Full Page Reprint" from the bottom of the left navigation bar. Select the edition, section letter, page number and date. Page reprints are produced on photographic paper suitable for framing.
  • Custom Reprints for business, personal, commercial or fundraising purposes are available in quantities of 250 or more. Posters, postcards and web posting are also available. Please go to and click on the box labeled "Custom Reprints".
    Complete the request form and a representative will follow-up to discuss your request and provide a quote.
    PARS, our authorized provider, can be contacted directly via email at -

How do I get reprints of a photo that appeared in The Baltimore Sun?

Contact SunStore online at Click on on the box labeled "Buy Photos and Page Reprints". Select Photo Request from the bottom of the left navigation bar.
When completing your request, under the section titled "Purpose" please select "Prints".
Reprints are sold for personal use only.
If you wish to duplicate or republish the image in any way you must request permission of The Baltimore Sun.

For questions, contact Sunstore by email at or call 410.332.6800

How do I get better search results?
Be specific with your search terms. If your search is unsuccessful, refine your search terms. To narrow your search, use the advanced search page to fill in date range, author, headline, or subject fields. The more information you provide, the more precise your search results will be. To get more results, select different search words or a longer date range.

Using AND narrows the search, using OR broadens the search, and using NOT excludes unwanted items. The NOT operator is useful in refining an initial query that returns a broad list of results. WITHIN and ADJ controls how close your search terms must be to one another. ADJ also checks that words found are in the same order as in your search expression. For more detail, visit Search Tips.

What part of the article is actually searched for my search term?
The basic search includes the full text of the entire article, as well as text from the headline, author field, date range, subject terms, etc. For more detail on getting good search results, visit Search Tips.

How do I browse articles that appeared on one specific day?
On the advanced search page, use the date range option to select the specific date, insert a "*" into the "Search for" field, and click the search button.

What if I can't find my article?
Please review the Search Tips for helpful information, as well as How do I get better search results?. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide research assistance for the archives.

How do I find an obituary?
To search for an obituary use the Advanced Search; next, in the Headline prompt box list the person's name this way:
  first name pre/3 last name
    Example: john pre/3 doe.
(Using the proximity of pre/3 tells the system to find the first name 3 words before the last name; this takes into account the use of a middle initial or a nickname.)

Death notices were added to The Sun's archive on August 26, 2002.

For the historic article image archives, enter your search terms in the main search box, rather than the headline field.

Can I get help with research?

Unfortunately, The Baltimore Sun cannot accept outside requests for research as our small library staff is dedicated to the support of our news gathering function. The public is invited to search The Baltimore Sun's archives at the main branch of the Enoch Pratt Library located at 400 Cathedral Street in Baltimore, Maryland.
Those with a library card can search The Sun's database from 1837 - 1901 online through the Enoch Pratt's website through this link:
In addition, many university libraries own copies of The Baltimore Sun's microfilm for research purposes.

What formats are available for viewing an article?
You can choose the format you would like to view by clicking the icon next to the article title. Please note: Only some document formats may be available. The following formats may be available:

Preview - The free Preview provides bibliographic information about the article, such as author and publication date, and a brief summary. This format contains no photos.

Full Text - The Full Text version includes the citation and abstract, along with the complete text of the article. This format contains no photos.

Article Image - Article Image refers to a black and white scanned image of the article as it was originally printed, delivered in Portable Document Format (PDF).

How do I print a historic article image PDF so I can view it?
Please click here for instructions on printing article PDF's using Adobe.

What if I have a question that cannot be answered by the Frequently Asked Questions?
If you still have questions after checking the frequently asked questions, please contact Customer Service. Please keep in mind that assistance is available only for technical and account-related issues. Research assistance is not provided.

The Baltimore Sun copyright notice
Articles from The Baltimore Sun Archive are copyrighted and cannot be republished or redistributed without written permission from The Baltimore Sun. The Archive is intended for personal research use only. If you do wish to republish or redistribute an article, please contact SunStore via email at or at 410-332-6800 for more information.