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Funkiest Clinton yet delivers his groove as a matter of record
[FINAL Edition]
The Sun - Baltimore, Md.
Author: Considine, J D
Date: Oct 12, 1993
Start Page: 1.D
Abstract (Document Summary)

Like most Clinton projects, "Smell My Finger" relies mostly on managed cooperation. Granted, [George Clinton] is always at the helm, but he makes sure to leave room for his players to shine. And shine they do, from the copious vocal cameos to instrumental interludes by the likes of Maceo Parker (on "Get Satisfied") and Herbie Hancock (on `Maximumisness").

"Get Satisfied," for instance, may have a few rap segments, but otherwise could easily pass for classic P-Funk, what with the massed vocals and Bernie Worell's synth interjections. And even though the basic beat to "High in My Hello" relies heavily on clanking synths and clockwork sequencers, it still keeps its traditional flavor, thanks to the vocal interplay of P-Funk vets like Garry Shider and Robert "Peanut" Johnson (not to mention the inimitable thwack of Bootsy Collins' bass).

There aren't many pop legends who have been able to keep current without compromising. Even so, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Clinton manages that feat so handily with "Hey Man, Smell My Finger." As the P-Funk faithful well know, he's been doing it ever since he transformed the soul harmony approach of the Parliaments (remember "Testify"?) into the mind-bending, booty-shifting sound of Funkadelic. And Lord knows, there's no reason for him to stop now. HEAR HIS MUSIC

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