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Reptiles slither into the animal magazine kingdom
[FINAL Edition]
The Sun - Baltimore, Md.
Author: Spadafori, Gina
Date: Oct 23, 1993
Start Page: 3.D
Abstract (Document Summary)

Reptiles is the latest in the Fancy Publications family of animal magazines, which already includes Aquarium Fish, Bird Talk, Cat Fancy, Dog Fancy, Horse Illustrated and Wild Bird, as well as the trade publication, Pet Product News.

The Fancy Publications formula is evident in Reptiles, with sharp pictures and information-packed articles combining in a super package. The editors have landed one of the nation's top reptile experts, veterinarian Douglas Mader, for their question-and-answer column, and have sought out top-notch experts as well.

The period from 5 to 7 weeks is probably the most important one in a dog's life, and should be handled carefully. Puppies need to see new things and hear different noises, and they must be allowed to explore and play. It is at this stage that a good breeder makes sure the puppies are well-socialized, for a puppy who has little experience with people during this critical time may not be that responsive to family members when he's grown.

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