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Alice in Chains breaks free of a style
[FINAL Edition]
The Sun - Baltimore, Md.
Author: Considine, J D
Date: Oct 23, 1992
Start Page: 5
Abstract (Document Summary)

If you think the last thing the world needs right now is yet another mega-metallic sludge band from Seattle, it's probably only because you haven't heard [Alice] in Chains yet. Sure, the band's second album, "Dirt," relies on the same sort of menacing guitar and slo-mo riffage that took Soundgarden and Pearl Jam to the top, but that's where the similarities end. Dark and foreboding as its sound often is, Alice in Chains never lets its sound get so heavy that it weighs the songs down. As such, tunes like the bruisingly aggressive "Them Bones" or the ominously churning "Sickman" stay light on their feet even as they pound each hook home with pile-driver insistence. TIMELESS: THE CLASSICS

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