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Peculiar contest puts artsy crafts in motion ; The high-energy Kinetic Sculpture Race creates a vision of quirky crafts pedaling through a 15-mile course in the city
[FINAL Edition]
The Sun - Baltimore, Md.
Author: Williams, John-John, IV
Date: May 7, 2006
Start Page: 1.B
Section: LOCAL
Abstract (Document Summary)

"It shows an incredible side to Baltimore," said Pete Hilsee, director of communications for the museum and a co-pilot of the Gandhi-topped elephant, named Bumpo. "One of the greatest things is coming across people who don't expect to see a 15-foot poodle racing across the street in the middle of the day."

Photo(s); 1. The KinetiNautilus, a carved-foam submarine on two tandem bicycles, heads toward Canton on Aliceanna Street. It was one of 31 vehicles entered in the eighth annual Kinetic Sculpture Race, sponsored by the American Visionary Art Museum. 2. The Milkmaids perform before 2 Goats Meet on a Bridge launches into the waters off the Canton Waterfront Park. The human-powered vehicles are built to survive a 15-mile long race over city streets and through water, sand and mud. 3. Jeri Kidd and Joe Ernst are festively dressed for the annual Kinetic Sculpture Race. The top prize went to the vehicle that finished in the middle of the pack.; Credit: PHOTOS BY KIM HAIRSTON : SUN PHOTOGRAPHER

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