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On the Gunpowder, learning the art of deceiving a trout ; Fly-fishing with an expert on an early fall day; Outside: Sports/ Activities/Events
[FINAL Edition]
The Sun - Baltimore, Md.
Author: Linskey, Annie
Date: Oct 21, 2004
Start Page: 16.T
Section: LIVE
Abstract (Document Summary)

Fortunately for anglers, fish are hungry this time of year. With this in mind, we took a day to hunt for trout with Theaux Le Gardeur, owner of Backwater Anglers, a fly-fishing shop in Monkton, close to the river. Le Gardeur, 33, moved here from Western North Carolina specifically to be near the Gunpowder. And he fishes it almost every day.

Le Gardeur opens a plastic case packed with neat lines of flies. "Trout eat these like popcorn or M&M's," he says and ties one to the end of his line. Fishing on this part of the Gunpowder is "catch and release," meaning the fish can not be taken home. Le Gardeur squeezes down the barb on his fishhook so it will cause less damage to a fish if one strikes.

Photo(s); 1. Theaux Le Gardeur floats a fly along a rocky run of the Gunpowder River. 2. Le Gardeur, owner of Backwater Anglers in Monkton, leads fly- fishing tours of the Gunpowder, which has native wild trout as well as brown, rainbow and brook trout provided by the state. Fishing is catch-and-release only. 3. Le Gardeur carries an ample supply of flies on his jaunts to the Gunpowder, which lures fishermen from around the region.; Credit: ANDRE F. CHUNG : SUN STAFF PHOTOS

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