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Hixson savors bittersweet victory Gay rights bill signing product of long fight that hit close to home
[FINAL Edition]
The Sun - Baltimore, Md.
Author: Dresser, Michael
Date: May 15, 2001
Start Page: 1.B
Section: LOCAL
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The bill the governor will sign is not the one with [Richard Hixson]'s name on it as prime sponsor. Although the Hixson bill was approved by the House, only the administration bill introduced in the Senate passed both chambers.

Hixson was not the first Maryland lawmaker to sponsor such legislation. The issue was broached in 1978 and 1992. But it was Hixson who stepped in in 1993 and adopted gay rights as her issue. She has been pushing it ever since, steadily building support for the legislation until she found a powerful ally in [Parris N. Glendening] in 1999.

Photo(s); 1. Milestone: "I saw it as a human rights issue," Del. [Sheila E. Hixson] said. 2. (APPEARED IN THE HOWARD COUNTY EDITION ONLY) Bittersweet milestone: "I saw it as a human rights issue," Del. Sheila E. Hixson said. A son, Richard, who was gay, didn't live to see her anti- discrimination fight succeed.; Credit: JERRY JACKSON : SUN STAFF

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