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Hampton Mansion's tearoom to become another piece of history after Dec. 31; Park service to close cafe due to possible fire hazard
[FINAL Edition]
The Sun - Baltimore, Md.
Author: Loudermilk, Suzanne
Date: Sep 15, 1998
Start Page: 3.B
Section: LOCAL
Abstract (Document Summary)

Dressed in pristine cooking whites, Yvonne Barber has been whipping up tasty chicken salad, crab cakes and little beaten biscuits at historic Hampton Mansion in Towson for 43 years.

A week ago, the National Park Service, which runs the 1790 Georgian mansion where the tearoom is tucked into the original kitchen, decided to eliminate the concession as of Dec. 31. Officials say a restaurant is not needed and poses a fire hazard.

"I think it is tragic. I love the tearoom," said Nell Merryman, 77, a former chairwoman of the Hampton women's committee. "If the park service is behind this, shame on them. It will destroy Hampton."

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