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A space for us; WorldCon science-fiction conventioneers bristle at the geeky sterotype. They are just folks who want somewhere to belong, a place at the cosmic party.
[FINAL Edition]
The Sun - Baltimore, Md.
Author: Cowherd, Kevin
Date: Aug 7, 1998
Start Page: 1.E
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True, there was a tall, burly man dressed in a shimmering blue robe, hair swept up in the distinctive, fan-shaped style of a Centauri on the popular "Babylon 5" TV series, with a duck under one arm. But most of the crowd here in the Baltimore Convention Center appears more sober-minded, with the Birkenstock and beard count off the charts.

It features panel discussions on all manner of science fiction topics, autograph sessions with big-name science fiction authors, science fiction art and history exhibits, science fiction folk- singing (called filking), movies and a large dealer room with hundreds of tables filled with science fiction merchandise.

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