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[FINAL Edition]
The Sun - Baltimore, Md.
Author: Dresser, Michael
Date: Jul 9, 2007
Start Page: 1.B
Section: Local
Abstract (Document Summary)

Image No. 2: This one's from last year, but it hangs in there. I'm cruising down a busy state highway in Florida in a Ford Explorer when out of a side street darts a helmet-less motorcyclist directly into my path. I hit the brakes hard and veer into a turn lane. Because I'm doing the speed limit, I'm able to stop just in time. Not even acknowledging the near-miss, the biker zooms away.

ABATE's arguments against helmet laws are largely based on the dubious premise that they violate individual rights or invade privacy. Gimme a break. Maryland has invested billions or dollars to build a public road system. So if the state decides to require users of that network to take steps to avoid spilling the contents of their skulls on public pavement, it is well within its rights. Don't like helmets? Ride on private property.

To listen to ABATE's public service ad, go to To see a list of ABATE's chapter meeting places, go to / ChapterInformation.html

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