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Challenges faced by transgender people discussed during National Coming Out Day
Asbury Park Press - Asbury Park, N.J.
Subjects: Transsexuality; Gays & lesbians
Author: Serrano, Ken
Date: Oct 12, 2011
Start Page: n/a
Section: NJNEWS
Abstract (Document Summary)

Because administrators would not allow him to go into either the boys' or girls' bathrooms at Bay Shore High School in Bay Shore, N.Y., out of fear he would be bullied, Cassata had to use a bathroom in the nurse's station, he said. Many of the parents of transgender people face much steeper challenges than the parents of gays or lesbians in the coming-out process, Abby Maisonave, president of the Jersey Shore chapter of PFLAG, told more than 80 students, staff and teachers gathered Tuesday at OCC's Arts and Community Center.

Buy Complete Document: AbstractAbstract Full Text Full Text

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