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Marshall "Eddie" Conway; Panther trap
Afro - American - Baltimore, Md.
Subjects: African Americans; Black culture; Blacks; Civil disobedience; Civil rights; Culture; Demonstrations & protests; Minority & ethnic groups; Organizations
Author: Hurst, H Allen
Date: Dec 11-Dec 17, 2004
Start Page: A1
Abstract (Document Summary)

One of [Conway]'s most successful initiatives, serving as prison coordinator with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union, was a legal effort that reduced overcrowding at the facility. "When I was brought to the jail, men were stacked on top of one another like they were on a slave ship," said Conway. "In the winter it was so cold in the cells that ice was on the wall."

"We would pick 'our' kids up from their home each morning before school to see that they got breakfast," Conway told the AFRO. "There was no such thing as breakfast in public schools. Children were going to school hungry in the morning. Panthers would cook breakfast for the kids and then take them to school. The FBI didn't like the idea of kids being around an activist group. The Black Panthers Party wanted to establish a safer environment for the Black community," Conway continued. "At the time -- primarily in Oakland, Calif.-- young Black men were being killed by the police all around the country."

Buy Complete Document: AbstractAbstract Full Text Full Text

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